Department of English

The department started with 4 teachers and 30 students in 1960 with a PG course only. BA honours and sunsidiary courses were introduced in 1972 and M.Phil (the first in the university) in 1985.

At present the department has 13 teachers and 223 students apart from 17 Ph.D. scholars. 15 scholars have been awared Ph.D. till date. The department has increased the intake at the PG level to 100 from 2002 and has phased out the BA course as several undergraduate colleges have recently become affiliated to the university.

Head of the Department
Dr. Baishali Hui

Departmental Phone No.
(033) 2582 8750 / 8275 (Ext.276, 277)

Degree and Course Offered

  • M.A. in 'English'- a two-year post-graduate degree.
  • M.Phil. in 'English' - one and a half year post-masters degree.
  • Certificate in Communicative English - a three-month self-financing course.

Intake Capacity:

  • 100 in M.A.
  • 10 in M.Phil
  • 30 students in Communicative English Course

Infrastructural Facilities

The department possesses a television, VCP, cassette players and many video and audio cassettes. Students are introduced to film versions of different texts and audio reading of poems and plays, whenever possible.

Computational Facilities for Teaching and Research

Departmental computers are used for academic purposes.

Publications from the department

Critical Essays: Golden Jubilee Volume (Department of English, University of Kalyani, 2012)
Textbook for Compulsory English (Department of English, University of Kalyani, 2011)

Apart from the various publications of the faculty members over the years the Department has three publications to its credit in 2002:
Re-presenting Shakespeare : Text, Performance and Analysis (Kolkata Department of English, University of Kalyani & Macmillan, 2002). ISBN 0333-93816X
Re-presenting Shakespeare : Interpretations and Translations (Kolkata : Department of English, University of Kalyani, 2002), ISBN 81-901525-1-3
Undergraduate Syllabus : Perspectives and Possibilities (Kolkata : Department of English, University of Kalyani, 2002). ISBN 81-901525-0-5

Research Interests of the Department

  • Total Number of Scholarships Available (URS) : 7

Ongoing Research Project :

Wide-ranging, including Shakespeare, Victorian Literature, American and Caribbean Fiction, Indian Novel in English, short stories and Linguistic Approaches to Literature.

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Symposia organised by department

7 to 10 January 2014: UGC-sponsored “The Moving Image: A Workshop on Cinema and Visual Culture”
5 and 6 March 2013: UGC-sponsored national seminar “Whither Culture Studies: Contexts and Contestations”
13to 17January 2012: The Department hosted a CBWM Workshop from 13th to 17th January 2012.
18 May 2011: UGC-sponsored Students’ Seminar “Text and Theory: Multiple Meanings”
29 and 30 March 2010: UGC-sponsored seminar “Frame by Frame: Visual Narrative and Cinema” on 29 and 30 March 2010
2 to 7 December 2009: The Department hosted a 6-day Training-of-Trainers Workshop under the UGC Scheme of Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education.
  • 17 January 2002 : Lecture on "Black Women's Literature in America" by Prof. Amritjit Singh, Professor of English and Afro-American Studies, Rhode Island College, Providence, USA.
  • 12-13 December 2002 : International Seminar on "Postmordernism : Reading, Writing and Interogating", Speakers from Jadavpur University, Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta University, Kalyani University, Tufts University, Rhodes University (USA) and creative writers, Navanita Den Sen, Bhagirath Mishra and Meena Alexander (U.S.A.) participated.
  • 13-14 December 2001: Workshop on "The Undergraduate Syllabus : Perspectives and Possibilities" organised by the Department. Attended by the Director, UGC Curriculum Draft Committee, Chairpersons of the Undergraduate Board of Studies of Jadavpur Rabindra Bharati and Visva Bharati University, academicians from Canada, Malaysia, Nagaland, Shillong, and college teachers from all the universities of West Bengal, particularly the University of Kalyani.
  • 12-13 December 2000 : International Seminar on "Re-presenting Shakespeare : Text and Performance, Text and Analysis" Speakers from Jadavpur University, Rabindra Bharati University, Visva-Bharati University, Kalyani University, Benaras Hindu University, Simon Fraser University (Canada), University of Vermont (USA)

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