Department of History

The Department of History, University of Kalyani, was established in 1978 with three whole-time teachers in a small corner of the composite building. It started its journey with a 2-year P.G. Course drawing students mainly from the graduates of other universities. At present the students mainly come from the undergraduate colleges, affiliated to the University of Kalyani. In undergraduate level forty-two affiliated colleges teach both Honours and General course and one college offer only General course. However pass out of other universities also come to the department. Our former teachers include Professors Rakhal Chandra Nath, Balai Chandra Barui, Nikhilesh Guha, Amal Das, Smritikumar Sarkar, Nilmani Mukherjee, Sekhar Bandyopadhyay, Nirban Basu, Amit Dey, Suparna Guptoo, Ritwika Biswas and Anira Phipon (Lepcha).

The uniqueness of the post-graduate syllabus of the department lies in having a full paper on 'Historiography' and special papers on 'Women Studies', 'Science & Technology', 'Environment & Ecology', ‘Indian Diaspora’ etc. The Department has research programmes with varied thrust areas. Till 23rd October 2017, forty three (43) Ph.D. programmes [Click here for details] have been successfully completed and the research students have been awarded Ph.D. degrees. Two Refresher Courses had been organized by the Department so far. Three (3) Ph.D Course Works had been completed and another is going on.

Head of the Department
Dr. Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Departmental Phone No.
(033) 2582 8750
Ext. 281 : HOD, 282: Office

Programmes of study & Eligibility Criteria for admission (all the programmes) :

Type of Course/Degree

Name of the Course/Degree


Intake capacity


Post Graduate Degree


2 Years
(4 Semesters)


B.A History Honours

M.Phil Research Degree


2 Years
(4 Semesters)


As per Univ. M.Phil Regulation

Doctoral Degree


2-5 Years


As per Univ. Ph.D Regulation
(Master Degree with NET/SET/KURET)

Infrastructural facilities :

The Department has four class rooms out of which two are big to accommodate 110 students each are situated in the ground floor, one of which is smart class room; other two are comparatively small meant for special group and Ph.D coursework classes situated in the 2nd floor.

The department has a library room, a tiny computer lab with internet facility, 5 faculty rooms & 1 office room.

The department has Power Point Projection system. It has inverter to meet the situation during power-cut. It also has water purification system with three machines out of which two are exclusively for the department and another is on sharing basis.


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