Head of the Department
Professor Debjani Nath

Departmental Phone No.
(033)-2582 8750 (Ext. 315)
Fax : +9133-25828282

Departmental E-mail Address

Degree and Course Offered
M.Sc. in 'Zoology' - a two-years post-graduate degree


  • Cell & Developmental Biology
  • Cytogenetics
  • Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology
  • Entomology
  • Fish and Fishery
  • Parasitology


Intake Capacity : 45 students

Research Facilities

University Research Scholarships (URS) funded by the University of Kalyani are advertised depending upon the vacancies. Besides, there are scopes of JRFs and SRFs in the research projects funded by the outside agencies

Present Number of Research Fellows in the department: 

URS : 5
JRF,   &  SRF under research projects : 16
PDF : 1

Research Degree offered :

Ph.D in Zoology

Total Number of Ph.D. Awarded : 293

Infra-structural Facilities

The department received a grant of rupees thirty four lakhs from the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, under its 'Faculty Improvement in Science & Technology (FIST)’ programme in 2003 and developed instrumental facilities and networking in the department. Department has also received a sanction of rupees fifteen lakhs as Basic Infrastructure Development Grant from University Grants Commission , New Delhi in 2008 and has undertaken to modernize classrooms / semar rooms/ library etc.

Centralized instrumental Facilities

  • U-V Spectrophotometer
  • Fluorescence and interference Microscope
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • HPCL
  • Cold centrifuse
  • PCR
  • Stereozoom microscope


Department has developed a centralized computer room for use by the research scholars and the students. There eight computers in this room connected to internet. The internet network is extended to instrument room, library, office and the Head’s room. Besides this, all the research laboratories are connected to the internet.

Research Activities:

Research is a significant activity of this department. Aquaculture, Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Clinical Toxicology, Cancer Biology, Molecular Endocrinology, Molecular Parasitology, Biosystematics and Taxonomy are the major thrust areas of research in the department. We have research collaboration with 5 reputed national and 2 international laboratories.

Research Projects

Final report of MRP sanctioned to undersigned by the UGC. Click here

During the last five years department has run 25 research projects funded by national and international funding authorities. Total funds of these research projects are about 2.7 crores.


About 238 papers have been published by the faculties of this department. Out of this 185 publications have been published in International journals and 47 papers have been published in national journals.

Ongoing Research Projects

   1. LH/HCG receptor gene expression in mouse and human uterus and its relevance in protein, steroid hormones and prostaglandin production.
- funded by DST, Govt./ of India to Prof. D. Mukherjee
2. An investigation for testing efficacy and mechanism of action of certain potentized homeopathic drugs in combating artificially induced hepatocarcinoma in mice and rats”
- funded by AYUSH, EMR, Ministry and Health and Family Welfare. Govt. of India, to Prof. A.R.Khuda-Bukhsh
3. A comprehensive study on arsenic toxicity and its amelioration by administration of ultra-low doses of homeopathic drugs. – funded by Boiron Research Laboratory , France to Prof. A.R.Khuda-Bukhsh.
4. Identification, pathobiology and control of common disease of shrimp in West Bengal. – funded by UGC to Prof. P.K.Bandyopadhyay

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Symposia organized in last five years

Xth All Indian Congress of Cytology & Genetics - 1999
Seminar on "Fish and its Environment" - 2003
National Symposium on Aphids in Agriculture and Forestry - 2004
National Symposium on Developmental Dynamics - 2005
Workshop on Peoples Biodiversity Register – May 2007
One day seminar on “Effects of Global Warming on Biodiversity” – March 2008

Lecture by Distinguished Foreign Visitor

Every year three to four distinguished foreign visitors deliver lecture in the department. The most recent lecture delivered was on January 18, 2008 by Dr. Bon Chu Chung – a distinguished molecular Biologist from Academia Sinica, Taipei.

Significant Achievement
Prof. B.B.Jana has been awarded FNA in Agriculture during the year 2006. Prof. D.Mukhrejee has been elected Fellow of the W.B. Academy of Science and Technology in 2007.


The department has prominent alumni such as Director, Vector Research Control Research Centre, ICMR, Pondichery, Additional Director, Department of Sericulture, Govt. of W.B., Joint Director, Central Sericulture Research Station, three Deputy Directors of Fisheries , Govt. of W.B., more than ten professors of University including four retired ones. Departmental Alumni Association, with nearly 550 members including 30 members working abroad, is involved in different academic activities and developmental programmes of the Department..

Department teachers extend expert consultancy for aquaculture, ecological engineering, crop protection and eradication of arsenic contamination menace in rural areas

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