Kalyani University Central Alumni Association (KUCAA)

 Central Alumni Association of the University of Kalyani seeks to foster relationships and a sense of solidarity between current students and alumni in order to instill mutual respect and trust in all acts toward the University. It is a platform for former University students committed to the advancement of career prospects. By participating, students will be able to connect with one another and participate in future activities. Additionally, members of this centre shall be energetic individuals with strong beliefs and ideals committed to advancing the noble aspirations and initiatives of all current and future alumni of this University.

 A Central Alumni Association has been set up by the University of Kalyani. All the prominent Alumni of the University of Kalyani are members of this association. An online registration portal will be open for the willing members to do their membership registration for the same. Alumni are a vital part of our University, they are a link between the glorious past and the wonderful present of the University and it assists in various administrative works, right from giving suggestions in decision making to providing ideas for the welfare of the University.

The central Alumni Association will monitor the Departmental Alumni Associations, and take care of the overall development of the university. It will also help in creating a sound and comfortable academic atmosphere and will also help in the assessment program.

The Central Alumni Association’s mission is to promote and support fraternity, integrity, and democratic values, to facilitate and maintain University pride, and to encourage an impact on community growth through professional and personal involvement, all while broadening social and professional ties among its alumni.

 The Alumni Association is proud to support the University’s mission. The centre will advocate for the preservation of a strong bond between the University and its alumni, for the promotion of religious and educational ideas and aims, and for providing assistance in accomplishing these goals. The alumni association is solely dedicated to providing alumni with opportunities to enhance career opportunities for previous as well as current students and research scholars, to evoke fond memories of their experience, to connect with the campus community and fellow alumni, and to engage in activities that benefit current students. Thus, by fostering a sense of fraternity and strong ties between alumni and the University, the Central Alumni Association will foster and sustain a culture of philanthropy and kindness among alumni, encouraging them to volunteer their time, talent, and knowledge.


Executive Committee of Kalyani University Central Alumni Association

SL. No. Name Affiliation Designation
01. Professor (Dr.) Nimai Chandra Saha Vice-Chancellor

The  Burdwan University



02. Professor (Dr.) Milan Sanyal Former Director

 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

03. Dr. Himadri Sekhar Debnath Chairman

West Bengal Biodiversity Board

04. Professor (Dr.) Arunashis Goswami WB University of Animal & Fishery Science Member
05. Professor (Dr.) Sudip Sundar Das Jadavpur University Member
06. Professor (Dr.) Saktipada Das Rtd. Professor in Chemistry, K.U. Member
07. Professor (Dr.) Chirantan Neogi Rtd. Professor in Physics, K.U. Member
08. Professor (Dr.) Nanda Kr. Ghosh Director, IQAC, K.U. Member
09. Professor (Dr.) Amalendu Bhuniya Dean, Faculty of Arts & Commerce, K.U. Member
10. Professor (Dr.) Brindaban Roy Kalyani University Member
11. Dr. Swadhin Mondal Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Kolkata Member
12. Professor (Dr.) Kaushik Mondal Kalyani University Treasurer
13. Professor (Dr.) Zahed Hossain Kalyani University Member
14. Professor (Dr.) Sanjit Mandal Kalyani University Member
15. Dr. Ziaul Alam Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Shibpur  


16. Professor (Dr.) Jayanta Sen West Bengal State University Member
17. Dr. Ajit Mondal West Bengal State University Member
18. Dr. Samaresh Mandal Berhampur College Member
19. Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay Sudhirranjan Lahiri Mahavidyalaya Member
20. Professor (Dr.) Avijit Sarkar Kalyani University Member
21. Dr. Paritosh Biswas Chakdaha College Member
22. Dr. Aditi Paul Narasinha Dutt College Member
23. Dr. Manoranjan Jana Kalyani University Member
24. Dr. Sandip Sankar Ghosh Kalyani University Member
25. Dr. Debalina Debnath Kalyani University Member
26. Dr. Madhu Mitra Kalyani University Member
27. Dr. Santinath Sarkar Kalyani University Member
28. Mr. Yasin Zaman Kalyani University Member
29. Sri Ambar Majumder Kalyani University Member
30. Professor (Dr.) Sujay Kr. Mandal Kalyani University Convener