Imaging for Research

Training Programme on Imaging for Research

Course AreaDuration
Module-I An Introduction to Optics Fermat’s principle, Laws of reflection, Laws of refraction, Reflection and refraction of light through lens and curved mirror, Prism, dispersion, and dispersive power of prism, Wave Nature of Light. Interference of Light. Diffraction of Light, Polarization of Light. 1 week
Module-II Light &Fluorescence Microscopy: Basic to AdvancedDifferent types of Light Microscope: Bright field, Dark Field and Phase contrast., Magnification, and Resolving power, Different types of Aberrations and removal, Applications and limitations, Sample preparation for light and fluorescence microscope (from different fields), Handling and image acquisition from basic light microscope, Fluorescent and Confocal Microscopy,. 2 weeks
Module-III Electron Microscopy: Basic to AdvancedSample preparation techniques for SEM, Working principle and different applications of SEM, TEM, Comparison between SEM, TEM and STEM, Image formation process, Image defects and Optimum resolution, Image acquisition from SEM, Data analysis using EDAX, Co-relative microscopy. 2 weeks
Module-IV Hands on: Digital image processing and Data AnalysisDigital image fundamentals, Image enhancement, Image restoration and Segmentation, Wavelets and Image compression, Illustration of Fourier series, Continuous Fourier transforms, Discrete Fourier transforms, and Convolution Theorem, Different online and offline software(s) handling, Image preparation for Publication. 1 week