National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme

This year about 30 colleges and 3000 volunteers under NSS have taken part in various activities. Most important activities performed by NSS volunteers are mentioned bellow:

NSS observed several International and national days/weeks. This includes:

Programmes Day
National Youth Day 12th January
Republic Day 26th January
Martyr Day 30th January
International Women Day 8th March
World Health Day 7th April
Anti-Terrorism Day 21st May
World No Tobacco Day 31st May
World Environment Day 5th June
World Population Day 11th July
Independence Day 15th August
Sadhbavana Day 20th August
International Literacy Day 8th September
International Peace Day 15th September
NSS Day 24th September
National Blood Donation Day 1st October
Communal Harmony Day 2nd October
National Integration Day 19th November
World AIDS Day 1st December
World Human Right Day 10th December
National Youth Week 12-19th January
Van Mahotsava Week 1-7th July
International Literacy Week 8-14th July
Quami Ekta Week 19-25th November

This year on 11th April a programme was organised by NSS on ‘Swami Vivekananda o Adhunik Bharatbarsher Jubosomaj’. Along with our respected V.C., Srimat Swami Purnatmanandaji Maharaj was present there to raise up the spirit. A huge participation of students, research scholars, teacher etc. led this programme to a grand success.

As a joint venture of NSS, University of Kalyani and ASER (Annual Status of Education Report), a three-day training camp was organised on University premises on 24th September 2013. It was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor. The motto of the camp was to hold up a survey on Nadia’s rural life, health, education etc. It was a huge success.

12 students of our university were selected for state level trial of Pre-R.D camp 2013, held at 16/08/2013 at University of Kalyani campus. 6 of them got selected for participating state level camp. It was held at Vidyasagar University on 25/08/2013. Among them, Anupal Bhowmick has participated in East-Zone Pre-Republic day parade camp 2013 at Kolkata from 21st to 30th October 2013. 8 participants were selected for the Republic day parade camp in New Delhi from all over west Bengal, one of them was from University of Kalyani.

From 2nd to 7th December, 20 programme officers of our university joined a Orientation Training Camp organised by Ramakrishna Mission, Narendrapur.

In this context, we were pleased to have Mrs. Neeta Chowdhuri (IAS), secretary, Ministry of Youth Affaires & Sports, Govt. Of India and Mr. P. K. Pattanayak, Youth Officer, NSS Regional Centre, Kolkata among us on 5th February 2013. NSS volunteers performed in front of them and they showed their satisfaction regarding NSS activities.

Dr. Saikot Chatterjee, Program Co-ordinator

NSS of the K.U. is organising different service programmes throughout the year 2013-14 as follows:
Tree planted programme- 12
Blood Donation Camp -05
Pulse Polio Vaccine Programme – 07
Blood Group detection Camp – 05
Thalasemia detection camp -03
Cancer Awareness Seminar – 07
Anti Terrorism Seminar – 12
National Teachers’ Day Celebration- 15
Independence Day Programme – 15
N.S.S. Day Programme- 15
World AIDS Day-30
On the financial year 2012-13, the list of colleges participating in regular activities:
Asannagar MMT College
Chakdaha College
Haringhata Mahavidayalya
DNC College
Srikrishna College
Nabadwip Vidyasagar College
SRF College
Krishnath College
RBC College
Sripat Singh College
Kanchrapara College
SRL Mahavidyalaya
SC Bose Centenary College
Nur Muhammad Smriti Mahavidyalaya
Chapra Bangaljhi Mahavidyalaya
Panchthupi Haripada Gouribala College
Lalgola College
Berhampur Girls’ College
RDK College
Jatindra-Rajendra Mahavidyalaya
Nagar College
Dumkal College
Science Faculty, KU
Arts & Commerce Faculty, KU
In different colleges NSS is preparing to perform various special camping programmes. Each year within December to March, our volunteers adopt few villages and set up camping programmes. These include rural health, education, lifestyle etc. The list of participating colleges on last financial year (2012-13) is mentioned bellow:
Asannagar MMT College Chakdaha College Dwijendralal College
Nabadwip Vidyasagar College Ranaghat College Sudhiranjan Lahiri Mahavidyalaya
Krishnagar Govt. College Haringhata Mahavidyalaya Chapra Bangaljhi Mahavidyalaya
Krishnagar Women’s College Berhampore Girls’ College Dukhulal Nibaran Chandra College
Krishnath College Nagar College Panchthupi Haripada Gouribala College
Raja Birendra Chandra College Subhas Chandra Bose Centenary College S.R.F College
Rani Dhanya Kumari College Sripat Singh College Nur Mohammad Smriti Mahavidyalaya
Dumkal College Kandi Raj College Jangipur College
Arts & Commerce Faculty, University Of Kalyani
In different colleges NSS is preparing to perform various special camping programmes. Each year within December to March, our volunteers adopt few villages and set up camping programmes. These include rural health, education, lifestyle etc. The list of participating colleges on last financial year (2012-13) is mentioned bellow:
District College Prog. Officers Units
Nadia Asannagar MMT College Md.Monirul Islam
M: 9433409421:
Nadia Chakdah College 1.Ajit Mondal,
 M: 9474608665
Sushanta Ghosh
M: 9475920538
Nadia Dwijendralal College Nakul Chandra Bain
M: 9434187725
Nadia Kalyani Mahavidyalaya 1. Purna Chandra Haldar,
 M : 9733012879
2. Dr. Kanailal Mondal
M: 9804190238
Nadia Nabadwip Vidyasagar College Dr. Koushik Sengupta
M: 9474421541
Nadia Ranaghat College 1. Ashim Mridha
M: 9614208545 
2. Tanwi Ghosh
M: 9830714587
Nadia Santipur College Dr. Sudip Chaterjee
M: 9830371344
Nadia Sudhiranjan Lahiri Mahavidyalaya 1. Arindam Chakroborty
M: 9434851547 
2. Dr. Sanjay Sarkar
M: 9831139533 
Krishna Dey
M: 9874981625
Nadia Krishnagar Govt. College 1. Urmi Mitra 
2. Ujjwal Das
M: 9609589948
Nadia Haringhata Mahavidyalaya 1. Balai Kanti Saha
M: 9933961123
2. Ashim Singha
M: 9433390180 
3. Biswanath Chatterjee
M: 9474676348
Sumana Roy
M: 9831276506
Nadia Chapra Bangaljhi
Muslem Uddin Molla
M: 9153168028
Nadia Srikrishna College
Dr. Santunu Das
M: 9477557784 
Chandrani Ghosh
M: 9433128600
Nadia Krishnagar Women’s College, Baijayanti Ghsoh
M : 9477157380
Nadia Bethuadahari College Ranjan Banerjee 
M: 9635739877
Murshidabad Berhampore Girls` College Ratnabali Biswas
M: 9432102053
Murshidabad Dukhulal Nibaran Chandra College Pulokesh Sen
 M: 9475418311
Murshidabad Krishnath College Arindam Mondal
M: 9830997159
Murshidabad Lalgola College Sujata Bandhapadhaya
M: 9434533634
Murshidabad Nagar College
e-mail :
Sariful Islam
M: 9609156034
Murshidabad Panchthupi Haripada Gouribala College Mintu Mondal
M: 8016131243
Murshidabad Raja Birendra Chandra College 1. Rafiqul Islam
M: 9434637718 
2. Debojyoti Acharaya
M: 9474746214
Murshidabad Subhas Chandra Bose Centenary College Supam Mukherjee
M: 9434222716
Murshidabad Sewnarayan  Rameswar Fatepuria College 1. Dr. Prasenjit Mridha
2. Milan Mandal
Paritosh Mandal
Murshidabad Rani Dhanya Kumari College 1. Pranab Kumar Biswas
2. Malay Kumar Ghosh
M: 9474509212
Murshidabad Sripat Singh College 1. Prosenjit Nanda
M: 9434336905 
2. Dr. Amal Modak
M: 9477398965
Dr. Abdul Kader Ahammed 
M: 9474316933
Murshidabad Nur Mohammad Smriti Mahavidyalaya Amit Bhowmik 
M: 9434255539
Murshidabad Jatindra-Rajendra Mahavidyalaya Kutub Uddin Biswas
M: 9735623129
Murshidabad Dumkal College
Debashish Bandyopadhyay
M: 9475319256 
24 Pgs.(North) Kanchrapara College  Debjani Roychwdhury
M: 9830057292
Nadia Arts & Commerce Faculty
University of Kalyani
Dr. Prabir Pramanick
M: 9433118126
Nadia Science Faculty
University of Kalyani
Dr. Kalachand Mahali
M: 9434326192
Nadia Education Faculty 
University of Kalyani
Kalyani, Nadia
Dr. Susanta Sarkar
M : 9433762680