Website Policy

Website Policy

Website Policy

This is the official website of Kalyani University, designed and hosted by CIRM of the University. The site has been developed to provide information to the general public. The material in this site is the result of a collaborative effort of various groups and division and sections of the university.

 1. Copyright Policy

The content featured on this website may be reproduced  after taking proper permission from the university authority by sending a request.                However, the content has to be reproduced accurately and not to be used in a derogatory manner. Wherever the content is being published               or issued to others, the source must be properly attributed.

2. Hyperlink Policy

In this Website, you shall get hyperlinks to other websites at many places. This links have been placed for your convenience.  University is       not  responsible for the contents and reliability of the linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in them. Mere presence of the link or its listing on this website should not be assumed as endorsement of any kind. We can not guarantee that these links will work all the time and we have no control over availability of linked pages.

 3. Privacy Policy

The Website does not automatically capture any specific personal information from you, (like name, phone number or e-mail address), that allows us to identify you individually. If the we request you to provide personal information, you will be informed for the particular purposes for which the information is gathered and adequate security measures will be taken to protect your personal information