Incubation Centre

Incubation Centre

The present times demand and promote an urgency for creating a thinking atmosphere that goes beyond the business-as-usual tradition, especially for the young minds. This is an age where we need to have more entrepreneurs than employees for ensuring sustained National growth. Incubation Centres, as part of such initiatives are being established to create a conducive space for young minds and probable new age entrepreneurs to help and support the transformation of their innovative ideas into operable business propositions.

The Kalyani University Incubation Centre is being planned and designed forproviding an ecosystem of innovative thinking for students of different faculties and promote and encourage the choice of venturing into entrepreneurship development in their young minds. The mission of the centre will be to encourage and nourish innovations starting from idea generation through start-up developmentand facilitate a platform for budding entrepreneurs to start business ventures with minimum risks.

  • To create a thinking platform and an environment and infrastructure conducive for innovative idea generation for entrepreneurship development.
  • To encourage new and existing start-ups based on boundary breaking and boundary pushing approaches.
  • To provide mentorship for start-ups in the arena of science and technology, scaling-up, commerce, economics, marketing and legal especially IPR issues.
  • To bring together academics, industry and finance institutions in frequent brainstorming and knowledge dissemination sessions and workshops.

The Kalyani University Incubation Centre shall be a fully equipped unit offering support to student entrepreneurship in terms of infrastructure, provisions of start-up grants via liaison with government institutions, banks and angel investors, different levels of industry tie-ups, single-window IPR enforcements, and all types of technical, technological, industrial, marketing and legal help to the budding entrepreneurs. The infrastructure provisions will include equipped laboratories, and classrooms along with discussion platforms. The Centre shall continuously strive to promote self-employability among students and provide the required support.

Dr. Neera Sen Sarkar                            

Prof. Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay  

Prof Asimananda Gangopadhyay  

Prof. Anirban Mukhopadhay         

Prof. Subhratanu Bhattacharya         

Prof. Zaheed Hossain                              

Prof. Angsuman Bagchi                          

Prof. Shiladitya Chakraborty                

Dr. Partha Pratim Sarkar   

Dr. Mahuya Hom Choudhury, J.U, Patent and Trademark Attorney Scientist C & Nodal Officer, Patent Information Centre, WBSCST, DST, West Bengal. 

Dr. Bijay Kumar De                               

Dr. Rana Ghosh

|Shri Anjan Kumar Das

Shri  Dipansu Mondal

Dr. Nirmalya Sen                                    

Mr. Ambar Majumder

Dr. Manindranath Bera , Department of Chemistry                         

Dr. Tapas Majumder, Department of  Chemistry 

Dr. Sudipta Sarkar, Rural Development Studies                               

Dr. Tuhin Mukherjee, Department of  Business Administration                      

Dr. Subhankar Kumar Sarkar, Department of Zoology

Dr Arunima Biswas, Department of  Zoology              

Dr. Prasenjit Sarkhel, Department of Economics