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Finishing School

Finishing School/ Model Training setup for Employability of graduates of the State University/ Colleges

The ‘Human Resource Development Center (HRDC)/ (Finishing School)’, an initiative of IT Department, Government of West Bengal in collaboration with Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Kalyani proposed to setup BPO training center at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. The center will offer six-month and other short-term certificate courses to improve the communication and soft skills along with basic understanding of computerized working environment. The regular students, those pursuing their graduation and post-graduation are eligible along with the passed out students from University/ Colleges.

This initiative is aimed at addressing communication skill, personality and technology skill development for opportunities in voice and non-voice based BPO business segments. Voice support training will cover training on support center tools, telephone etiquette, call handling listening, questioning and responding techniques, the e-mail support training initiative will cover understanding and problem solving techniques. Non-voice training will encompass training on domain specific skill in addition to communication skill.


  • Trainer for language training
  • Trainer for computer skill development
  • Center co-coordinator
  • Expert from industries


HRDC will organize seminars at regular intervals and in association with University/ Industry to promote the requirement of such training and associated job proposed in BPO sectors.

  • Registered students will be selected for training on the basis of a common admission test
  • Regular faculty of the Center/ University/ College/ Industry will impart the training
  • Campus Interview

Course Structure

Six-month course will cover the conversational English, voice language training, soft skill, and general aspects of BPO companies, computer fundamentals and computer skill development techniques.

Industry will participate in designing course structure, selection of the trainers, training of the trainers and campus interviews. Student scholarships for financially weak students are expected from companies.

Batch size: 30 Students

Operational Model:

One MoU will be signed very soon among University of Kalyani with effective terms of references for each stake holder of the project. It will also contain the clauses regarding the ownership of the components and subcomponents corresponding to the project

Class Schedule: 3-4 days per week and 2-3 hours per day (in synchronization with course-schedule of the University)

Those who take up the courses can also appear for the increasing employment opportunities in the field of hospitality industry, retail, airline operations, banking, insurance sector, telemarketing, customer support, back office services etc. The specific training pertaining to each vertical may be organized for eligible students in association with the related industry houses.

HRDC will set up the following infrastructure

  • Audio and presentation facilities in the Class room
  • Computational facility for a batch of 30 students with networking
  • Broadband connectivity