Applied Genomics and DNA Sequencing

Training Programme on Applied Genomics and DNA Sequencing

Module-I Instrumentation Systems-DNA Sequencing Technologies- PCR, Realtime PCR, PCR-DGGE, Sanger sequencing, Fragment sequencing, Multiplex SNP, typing, Next Gen Sequencing 1 week
Module-II Human Identification (HID)Laboratory Experiments (hands on): DNA isolation from human samples and quantification, PCR amplification using multiplex primers, fragment (allele) separation following automated capillary electrophoresis, data capturing, data analysis and DNA fingerprint development. 2 weeks
Module -III DNA Barcoding and Genetic DiversityLaboratory Experiments (hands on): DNA isolation from bio-resource, quantification Specific specific/Breed specific PCR using universal, multiplex primers following by automated DNA sequencing, data capturing, data analysis. 3 weeks
Module –IV DNA based Disease diagnosisDNA isolations from patients samples (Blood/sputum/serum), DNA quantification, allele specific PCR in disease diagnosis/identification of pathogens, pathogen specific PCR, PCR-RFLP, Identification of viral load, Gene expression studies by Realtime PCR. 2 weeks
Module-V BioinformaticsPrimer Designing, Trace file analysis (Sequence raw file), BLAST, Sequence alignment & annotation, Phylogenetic Tree construction, Genetic Distance calculation, Sequence Sequence Submission to NCBI. 1 week