Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Center

Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Center

The Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) Centre has been setup under the Biotechnology Information System Network (BTIS) program funded by Department of Biotechnology DBT, Ministry of Science & Technology, at the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of Kalyani. This Centre was inaugurated by Professor A.S. Kolaskar on 28th March, 2007. The Centre aims to work on biological data acquisition, creation and development of programmes and databases needed by the users. Training and research on Bioinformatics in this University is also going on in a regular basis. The researchers, M.Sc. students and project workers from this University and other Universities/Institutions are involved in researchesrelated to Computational Biology, Molecular dynamics and Molecular Modeling.

This centre has a well developed infrastructure facility connected through intranet and BSNL 2 mbps Broadband connection. At this point, it has Acclerys GCG package for sequence analysis and other academic free softwares for research. The centre is going to install the Accelrys DS suite and Genious Pro software shortly.
Another thrust area of this centre is to popularize the application of Bioinformatics in R&D by organizing training programs and conducting Seminars/Workshops for Scientists/Research Scholars/Students. 

The Centre carries out frontline research & development in the broad areas of bioinformatics, computational biology, and Molecular Modeling & Molecular dynamics. The objective of research of this centre is the creation and development of different programs and databases in the field of computational biology and to implement them in day to day life. This centre aims at to develop databases collaborating with other medical institutions, Agriculture Universities available in this remote area. As this centre is the only facility in this remote locality, it wants to implement the bioinformatics analysis to solve various problems of this locality with the help of academic and research community around this area.

(i) Modeling studies of membrane system,
(ii) Structural Bio-informatics to develop novel drug molecules,
(iii) Cluster and self assembly study,
(iv) Protein-ligand interactions.

Hardware :

P(IV) Lenovo desktop Computers with 17” TFT monitors (10), High-end (X236) and medium (x226) IBM server (2), Canon black & white copier cum printer(1), HP colour laser printer (1), HP scanner (1), APC Smart RT-5000 UPS with 16 batteries (1), Sony L.C.D. projector (1)

Operating System Software :

Windows XP Professional, Red Hat Linux 6 Enterprise Edition.

Scientific Sortware Packages :

Acclerys GCG pack, Shelex-97 package, Accelrys DS suite (will be available shortly), Genious Pro (will be available shortly), Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition.

Internet Connection :

This Centre is intra connected and has BSNL Broadband (2 MBPS) connection.

Databases :

Cambridge Structural Database will be available soon. One database on the enzyme dehydrogenase developed by a graduate student of this department will be linked shortly. 

(i) This centre has organized a workshop on ‘‘Application of Bioinformatics in Molecular Modeling, Data Analysis and System Biology’’ with the inaugural of this BIF on 28th March, 2007,
(ii) Recently in 2nd-4th January 2008, a three days workshop on ‘‘Macromolecule Ligand Interaction & Drug Design’’ has been conducted successfully,
(iii) A database on Enzyme Dehydrogenase has been developed last year by this centre, (iv) Students have been completed their dissertation successfully from this centre.