Automated DNA Sequencer

Automated DNA Sequencer (ABI 3500 Genetic Analyzer)

Automated DNA Sequencer (ABI 3500 Genetic Analyzer)

Automated DNA sequencing facility (Sanger Sequencing) is installed with applicability over a wide range of research topics including cancer, QTL & fragment analysis, microsatellite sequencing, multiplex SNP typing (Snapshot), genetic disease, agriculture, genome editing, pathogen detection and analysis, personal medicine, gene expression, epigenetic analysis and many more. The Sanger sequencer remains the gold standard of sequencing due to its high fidelity, flexibility, accuracy, and long-read capabilities. This unit is equipped with 8 capillary and is able to detect and analyze a minimum of 6 fluorescent dyes simultaneously.

This system also incorporates Radio-Frequency identification technology to track key consumables data coupled with software allowing real-time data quality evaluation and providing immediate access to base-called or size called data to make decisions about the quality of data as it is generated. This platform has been in the Innovation complex and operational since December 2018. 

Instrument Usage Charge (INR)
For Internal Users                                  For External Users
DNA Sequencing (Sanger) Rs. 250 per reaction (< 20 samples) Rs. 350 per reaction (<20 samples)
Rs. 200 per reaction (>=20 samples) Rs. 300 per reaction (>=20 samples)
PCR without  reaction setup Rs. 20 per run
Gel extraction and clean-u with electrophoresis             Rs. 250 per sample Rs. 250 per sample
Gel Documentation Rs. 10  per scan

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