Alok Kumar Ghosh

Alok Kumar Ghosh

Alok Kumar Ghosh

Alok Kumar Ghosh

Department: Department of History
Phone Number: 9830552304
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Educational Qualifications:

M.A in Modern History (1981), University of Calcutta

Teaching Experience:

37 years ( Kalimpong College – 01 year ; University of Kalyani – 36 years)
(1) Was a Part-Time Lecturer in History in the University of Kalyani from August 1, 1983 to January 15, 1984
(2) Served Kalimpong College (District-Darjeeling) as a permanent whole-time Leecturer in History from May 5, 1984 to January 31, 1985.
(3) Joined as a whole-time Teacher-Research Associate (Lecturer rank) in the Department of History, University of Kalyani on February 1, 1985
(4) Joined the Department of History, University of Kalyani as a Lecturer on 01.04.1987
(5) Was promoted to the post of Senior Lecturer in History w.e.f 01.04.1995
(6) Was promoted to the post of Lecturer (Selection Grade) in History w.e.f 01.04.2000
(7) Was redesignated as the Associate Professor of History w.e.f 01.01.2006
(8) Was a Guest Teacher in the Department of Environmental Science in the University of Kalyani (1999-2002)
(9) Gave series of lecturers in the Institute of Modern Management , Kolkata, in 1994 (with permission)
(10) Was a Guest Lecturer in the Department of History Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata from December, 1997 to March, 1998 (with permission) and also a Visiting Lecturer in Tripura University (2009) , Gaur Banga University (2015).

Administrative Experiences

7 Years ( as Legal Officer, Development Officer and Registrar of the University ; as the Head of the Department ; as the Director of the Nadia Civil Service Academy, KU; as Chairman of the Departmental Research Committee and the Board of Undergraduate Studies ; as the Observer of Examinations in the Joint Entrance Board,West Bengal and the Staff Selection Commission of India )

List of Publications(Peer-Reviewed)

(1) ‘Ecological Roots of Agrarian Stagnation – Case Study of A Bengal District, Nadia, 1872-1971’ in Society and Change, Vol.IV, No.3, April – June, 1985.
(2) ‘Agrarian Decline of Nadia, 1872-1971’ (Bengali) in Anushtup, Vol.XX, No.4, December, 1986.
(3) ‘Freedom Fighters of India’, two entries in the Encyclopedia India, M.P. Birla Foundation, May, 1989.
(4) ‘Environmental as an Issue of Political Economy’, in Science, Technology, Medicine and Environment in India, C. Palit, A. Bhattacharya eds., Bibhasa, Kolkata 1998.
(5) ‘Bengali Refuges at Dandakaranya – A tragedy of Rehabilitation’, in Refugees in West Bengal, edited by Pradip Bose, MCRG,Kolkata, 2000.
(6) ‘Bengalis Driven out of Bengal’, (Bengali Article), in Anandabazar, Special Issue, 1 January, 2000.
(7) ‘Role of Press in the Freedom Movement of India – Bengal Chapter A Project Report for Indira Gandhi Manab Sangrahalaya, (H.R.D., G.O.I.), Bhopal, jointly written with Tarun Ganguly, Associate Editor (Retd.), The Telegraph, Kolkata, February, 2001.
(8) ‘Role of the Wife in Bengali Family of 19th century Bengal’, (Bengali Article), in Aitihasik, Vol.IX, n0. 1-2, December, 2000.
(9) ‘Historians in Debate in 20th century Bengal’, Bengali article published in Parikatha, July, 2001.
(10) ‘Environmentalism, Environmental Movement and the Indian Scenario’, in Vidyasagar University journal of History, New series Vol. 1, 2001.
(11) ‘Migration: A Perennial Problem’, in Hard Talk (Weekly), Kolkata, February 5, 2002.
(12) ‘Environmentalism of the Rich and Poor: The Indian Variety’, in Enmen, Quarterly publication of Coalition of Population Activities and Research (COPAR), Kolkata, October 2004.
(13) ‘Land amd Land Revenue System in Ancient India’, Bengali article in self ed. Bharater Itihas – Nirbachita Prabandha, Tulsi Prakasani, Kolkata, 2005.
(14) Bengalis before and after the partition of 1905 ‘, Bengali article published in Debabrata Chattapadhyay ed. Bangabhanga Pratirodher Stabarsha, Pustak Bipani, Kolkata, 2006.
(15) ‘State Versus People: The Indian Experience of Environmentalism, in Ranjan Chakrabarty ed. Situating Environmental History, Manhor, New Delhi, 2007.
(16) ‘From Caste to Class: The Dalit Experience of Partition in Bengal’ in Biswajit Chatterjee & Debi Chatterjee eds. Dalit lives and Dalit Visions in Eastern India, Centre for Ambedkar Studies & Centre for Rural Resources, Kolkata, 2007.
(17) ‘Swaraj, Jatiyatabad o Rabindranath (Swaraj, Nationalism and Rabindranath), Bengali article in Chrantan Sarkar ed., Rabindranather Bahuswar, Murshidabad, 2012.
(18) Entries in the Dictionary of Historical Places of Bengal, ed. By Ranjan Chakrabarty, New Delhi 2013.
(19) ‘Writing History of Bengali Refugees’, in Alok Kumar Ghosh and Sankar Kumar Biswas eds. Being in Bengal, Mitram Publishers, Kolkata, 2013.
(20) ‘Environmental Conflict Re-defined, Case Study of Marichjhanpi (1979)’ in Shaping Indian History Across Times and Regions, Serial Publications, New Delhi, (eds.) Alok Ghosh and Malaswamdowngliana, 2016
(21) ‘The Colonial Construction of Land in India : Debates on Revenue Settlements and Economic Transformation,’ in S. Simlandy and K. C Ghosh eds. Revisiting the History of India and Beyond, Onlinegatha Publishers, Lucknow, 2021.

Books Published / Book Chapters

(1) Bengal – Permanent settlement to Operation Barga, Bibhasa, Kolkata, ISBN- 81-87337-00-1, 1998
(2) Abasilpayan (Bengali book on de-industrialization in colonial Bengal), jointly with Arun Dasgupta and Others, Mahaprithibi.,Kolkata,1993
(3) Antarjatik Samparka O Bartaman Biswa (Bengali book on World Politics, 1870-2008), Fifth Edition 2022 (First edition, 2004), Progressive Publishers, Kolkata, ISBN 81-8064-081-7, 2009.

Membership of Learned Societies

(1) Was the elected Member, Faculty Council, University of Kalyani, 2010-2014
(2) University Nominee to the Indian Historical Records Commission, 2011
(3) Life Member of the Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Research Supervision

Five (sole supervision) ; Two (joint supervision)