Dr. Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Dr. Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Dr. Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Dr. Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Department: Department of History
Phone Number: 09433353349
Institutional E-Mail: sabya4@klyuniv.ac.in
Web URL: https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/57958
Educational Qualifications:

• Ph.D in Arts (Title: A Historical Study of the Science Movements in West Bengal 1947-1997), Jadavpur University, 2005
• UGC NET June 1998
• M.A in History, Jadavpur University, 1997, 1st Class 2nd
• History Honours, Jadavpur University, 1995, 1st Class 3rd
• Higher Secondary, W.B.C.H.S.E, 1992, 1st Division, National Merit Scholarship.

Awards and Honours (National/International)

1. Best Paper Award in Science, Society & Politics Section of West Bengal State Science & Technology Congress, given by Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of West Bengal in 2016.
2. Ajay Hom Memorial Award for popularization of science given by Gobardanga Gabesana Parisat in 2013.
3. Basundhara Award for outstanding effort for the environmental cause given by Paribesh Academy, West Bengal in 2008.
4. Dr. Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya State Science Award for Popularisation of Science given by The Science Association of Bengal and Co-sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India in 1997.

Research Area:

HISTEM (History of Science, Technology, Environment & Medicine), Communication, Education, Socio-Cultural Movements, Gender Studies, Contemporary History.

Teaching Experience:

Working as Associate Professor in University of Kalyani since 2013.
Worked as Assistant Professor (Stage 3) in University of Kalyani during 2012-2013.
Worked as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer & Reader (Assistant Professor Stage 3) in New Alipore College, Kolkata during 2000-2012.

Administrative Experiences

Head of the Department of History of University of Kalyani for two terms, 2013-2015 & 2017-2019.
Member of the Executive Council of University of Kalyani during 2017-2018.

List of Publications(Peer-Reviewed)

Research Papers in Journals
• ‘Fight for Rights is Awarded’, Science and Culture, November- December 2022. ISSN 0036-8156.
• ‘When Mind is free from fear’, Science and Culture, November- December 2021. ISSN 0036-8156.
• ‘Addressing Adulteration’ in Journal of the Asiatic Society, Vol. LXII, Number 3, 2020. ISSN: 0368-3308.
• ‘Situating the Study of Environmental History in Bangla: A Foray into Historiography’ in Journal of the Asiatic Society, Vol. LVIII, Number 3, 2016. ISSN: 0368-3308.
• ‘Historicising People’s Scientists of Bengal’ in Journal of People’s History and Culture, Volume 1 Number 2, December 2015, ISSN: 2395-7379.
• ‘History of the Movement for the Donation of Posthumous Bodies’ in Inclusive Vol. 1, Issue 4 – January 2014. ISSN 2278-9758.
• ‘Changing Role of Science Clubs in Communicating Science’ in Global Media Journal – Indian Edition, Theme: Science Communication, Sponsored by University of Calcutta, Summer Issue June 2013, Vol. 4, No.1. ISSN 2249-5835.
• ‘The Movement for the Development of Rationalism in West Bengal’ in Proceedings of the Indian History Congress: 71st Session Malda 2010-11, Kolkata, 2011, ISSN 2249- 1937.
• ‘Science for Whom? Popular Perception of Science and the Politics of Science Movement in Bengal’ in H.S.Vasudevan & Kausik Bandyopadhyay edited Asia Annual 2008: Understanding Popular Culture, Manohar, New Delhi, 2010. ISBN 978-81-7304-844-9.
• ‘History of the People’s Health Movement in West Bengal’ in CLIO, An Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of History, Kolkata, Vol. 6, January-December 2006, ISSN 0976-075X.
• ‘Science Reporting: Why? What? How?’ in Science and Culture, Vol. 71, No. 11-12, November-December 2005, ISSN 0950-5431.
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• ‘Afim Juddha Theke Muktijuddhe Krishaker Juddha’ in Shubhashree, Special Number on “Chin: Achena Andare”, February 2022. ISSN 2320-4141.
• ‘Samajsachetan Ek Saraswata-sadhak/ Goutam Neogi (1947- 2021)’ in Itikotha, January 2022. ISSN 2320-3447
• ‘Vidyasagar O Bijnan: Ekti Paryalochana’ in Itikotha, Vol. 9, No. 1, Kolkata, 2021, ISSN 2320-3447.
• ‘Anusandhane Paribesher Itihascharcha’ (In Search of Historiography of Environment) in Itihas Anusandhan 32, Kolkata, January 2018. ISBN 978-81-935519-0-5.
• ‘Paschimbange Bangla Bhasay Bijnaner Itihascharcha’ (A Study on the History of Science in Bangla In West Bengal) in Itihas Prabandhamala, Vol. XIV, No. 13, Itihas Academy Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2017. ISSN 1995-1000.
• ‘Maharastrer Bijnan Andolan: Ekti Sankshipta Ruparekha’ (Science Movement in Maharastra: A Short Outline), Itihas Anusandhan 31, Paschimbanga Itihas Samsad, Kolkata, January 2017. ISBN: 978-81-910874-8-2.
• ‘Darbari Dwandwa: Bijnan Andoloner Ekti Chitra’ (Organisational Rift: An Episode of the Science Movement) in Itihas Anusandhan 30, Kolkata, January 2016. ISBN 978-81-910874- 7-5.
• ‘Bijnan Samaj Jatiyata: Ek Anya Jagadishchandra’ (Science Society Nationalism: A Different Jagadishchandra)in Itihas O sanskriti, Kolkata, July 2015, ISSN 2394-5737 (Vol. I, Year 2015 A.D), ISBN 978-81-926316-2-2.
• ‘Kolkatar Bangla Bijnan Patrikar Itihas 1982-2012’ (Bangla Science Periodicals of Kolkata 1982-2012) in Itihas Anusandhan 28, Kolkata, January 2014. ISBN 978-81-910874-4-4.
• ‘Bish Shatake Kolkatar Bangla Bijnan Patrika1912-1982’ (Bangla Science Periodicals of Kolkata of the Twentieth Century 1912-1982 in Itihas Anusandhan 27, Kolkata, January 2013. ISBN 978-81-910874-3-7.
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• ‘Paschimbange Bijnanchetanar Itihas’ (History of Scientific Temper in West Bengal) in Itihas Anusandhan 12, Kolkata, January 1998, ISBN 81-7102-064-X.

Books Published / Book Chapters

• Oupanibeshik Bharate Bijnan: Sanskhipta Itihas (Science in Colonial India: Concise History), Setu Prakashani, Kolkata, 2021, ISBN 978-81-950222-1-2.
• Bijnan Jakhan Aandolan: Itihaser Path Beye (When Science is a Movement: Through the Historical Ways), Setu Prakashani, Kolkata, 2018, ISBN 978-81-933898-2-9.
• Galpa Kintu Galpa Nay (A Collection of Short Essays on History of Science & Technology), Rupali, Kolkata, 2011, ISBN 978-81-921011-6-3.
• Banglar Muktisandhani (A Collection of Biographies of the Leaders of Mass Movements of Bengal), Granthamitra, Kolkata, 2005, ISBN 81-88171-20-4.
• Jatiya Charitabhidhan (Translation of Dictionary of National Biography), Vol. 3, West Bengal State Book Board, Kolkata, 2019, ISBN 978-81-247-0782-1.
• Bharatiya Sangbadikatar Itihas (History of Indian Journalism), Rupasi Bangla, Kolkata, 2009, ISBN 978-81-909990-4-5.
• Smritite Bijan (A Commemorative Volume on Noted Science Activist Bijan Sarangi), Sonar Bangla Bijnan Sanchar Gabesana Samity, Kolkata, 2008.
• Bharatbarse Manab Unnayaner Itihas (History of Human Development in India), New Alipore College, 2007.
Chapters in books
• ‘Vidyasagar and Science: Truthfully Yours’ in Suman Mukherjee edited Iswar Revisited: Reading and Re-Reading Vidyasagar, Kunal Books, New Delhi, December 2022, ISBN : 978-93-9565-129-5.
• ‘Historicising Health Movement: A Preliminary Probe’ in Suvankar Dey edited Health has a history, K.P.Bagchi & Company, Kolkata, 2021, ISBN 978-81-7074-409.
• ‘Presenting the Present Pandemic & Post-script’ in Sagar Simlandy edited Economic Crisis and Mentality of Youth in Post-Pandemic Period, P S Opus Publications, New Delhi, 2021, ISBN 978-81-947318-3-2.
• ‘Science, Society & the State: India Unbound’ in Uma Chakraborty & Basupurna Mukherjee edited, India Unbound: A Collection of Essays, Levant Books India, Kolkata, 2020, ISBN 978-93-88069-65-6.
• ‘Sojourn to a green globe through the study of environmental history’ in Basu, Zandi, Mozden edited Saving Planet Earth: An Environmental Discourse, Haghshenass Publication, Teheran, 2019. ISBN: 978-622-6809-07-08.
• ‘Colonialism Contested: United For Universal Science’ in Manaspratim Das Edited Vistas Of Science Communication, ISNA, Kolkata, January 2019. ISBN 978-81-940089-0-3.
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• ‘Communicating Environment: History of Bangla Environmental Magazines of Kolkata’ in Global Environmental Crises, Challenges and Sustainable Solutions from Multiple Perspectives, Edited by Saikat Kumar Basu and others, Haghshenass Publication, Teheran, 2016. ISBN: 978-600-7304-56-3.
• ‘Contextualising Culture of Science in the Psyche of the People in Twentieth Century Bengal’ in Gender, Culture, Politics: Bengal in the 20th Century – Open Distance Initiative, Edited by Chandan Basu & others, NSOU, Kolkata, 2016. ISBN: 978-93-82112-32-7.
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• ‘Prafulla Chandra Ray (1861-1944 ): A Scientist Who Tried to Make Science Social & To Make Society Scientific’ in Amitava Chatterjee edited People At Large: Popular Culture in Modern Bengal, Setu Prakashan, Kolkata, September 2012. ISBN 978-93-80677-34-7.
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• Antebasir Andolon (Movement of the Maginalised) in Antebasi: Samaj, Sanskriti O Unnayan, Vol.I, Kolkata, 2004. ISBN 81-88334-08-1.

Membership of Learned Societies

The Asiatic Society, Calcutta.
Indian Science News Association. (Council Member)
Indian History Congress.
Institute of Historical Studies, Kolkata. (Member of the Executive Committee)
Paschimbanga Itihas Samsad. (Former Secretary for two terms, 2009-2012 & 2012-2015)
Bangiya Itihas Samity, Kolkata. (Member of the Executive Committee)
Society for Understanding Culture and History of India.
Bangiya Bijnan Parishad.

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Research Supervision

Ph.D awarded: 9.
M.Phil awarded: 9.