RUSA 2.0

RUSA 2.0

 Rashtriya Uchchatara Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)

-A Holistic Scheme of  Dev. for Higher Education by MHRD
 University of  Kalyani, Kalyani, Nadia-741 235



Infrastructure Development


Project Approval Board (PAB) of RUSA in its 12th meeting held on 25.05.2018 has sanctioned Rs. 20 Crores under Component-3 for infrastructural grant to Kalyani University . The University has already received 1st & 2nd phase installment of Rs. 10 Crores and 4.7 crore respectively out of sanctioned amount of Rs. 20 crores under component -3

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As per DPR
Physical & Financial Outlay of RUSA Component-3  University of Kalyani


  1. New Construction : Rs.7,32,45,000/-
  2. Renovation / Up gradation of Existing facilities : Rs.6,83,98,160/-
  3. New Equipments / facilities: Rs.6,00,00,000/

               a) Computer with accessory Rs. 1,00,00,000/-

               b) Books / Journals : Rs.1,00,00,000/-

               c) E-Resources : Rs.1,00,00,000/-

               d) Minor Lab Equipments : Rs.1,50,00,000/-

               e) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) : Rs.1,50,00,000/-

        4. Other Items ; Rs: 85,00000/-

               a) IP-PBEX System : Rs.40,00,000/-

               b) Licensed version of Software : Rs.45,00,000/-




A.Career Hub & Entrepreneurship Development B.Research & Innovation

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As per DPR
Physical & Financial Outlay of RUSA Component-10 
University of Kalyani


  • Infrastructure – Rs. 600,00,000.00/-
  • Entrepreneurship Development – Rs. 100,00,000.00
  • Career Hub among different stakeholders – Rs. 100,00,000.00
  • Start-up grant / Seed Money- Rs. 100,00,000.00
  • Computer / ITC Infrastructure – Rs. 75,00,000.00
  • Certificate / PG Diploma Courses for Innovation and  Career Hub – Rs. 100,00,000.00
  • Hiring of manpower/Resource person/ Expert/ Consultant –  Rs. 100,00,000.00
  • Books / Manuals/ Documentary etc. – Rs. 50,00,000.00
  • Travel- Rs. 50,00,000.00
  • Foreign partner/ Exchange programme- Rs. 150,00,000.00

Contingency / Printing/Furniture for training  etc.- Rs. 75,00,000.00


A. Career Hub & Entrepreneurship Development


Development of Research and Innovation Complex and Incubation Centre


Sanctioned amount Rs.6 cr.


Career Development Programme (Certificate Course, Training , Workshop etc.) – 30 Nos.









Sl No Department Programme Title of Programmes
1 Economics Workshop  Data Analytics
2 Commerce Certificate Course Applied GST and Income Tax
3 Library & Information Science Certificate Course Certificate course in Koha on Cloud
4 Women’s Studies Certificate Course Women Entrepreneurship Development through computer aided on-line business
5 Rural Dev. Studies Certificate Course Enhancement of Managerial Skill of members of Women SHG clusters
6 Visual Arts Dept. Project Ceramic Design
7 Physical Education Certificate Course Yoga
8 Sociology Certificate Course Social Awareness and Entrepreneurship Development
9 History Certificate Course Travel and Tourism Industry Management
10 Rabindra Adhyan Kendra Certificate Course Tagor’s Life & Philosophy
11 Bengali Certificate Course Journalism
12 DETS Certificate Course Disaster Management using Ham Radio
13 CSE Certificate Course Scientific Writings
14 Business Administration Certificate Course Financial Services
15 CIRM Certificate Course Digital Marketing
16 Botany Certificate Course Biodiversity mapping and conservation
Sl No Department Programme Title of Programmes
18 Physics Certificate Course Material Characterization
19 Chemistry Workshop Sintered Glass Frit Manufacturing
20 Chemistry Certificate Course Rubber Compounding
21 Microbiology Workshop Drinking water quality analysis with relation to public health
22 Food & Nutrition Certificate Course Clinical Nutrition and Diagnosis
23 Ecological Studies Certificate Course Water and soil qualities monitoring and environmental management
24 Environmental Science Certificate Course Application of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System in Natural Resource and Environmental Management
25 Microbiology Departmental Project Development of economic microbial biofertilizer targeting arsenic contaminated agricultural field in South Gangetic region of West Bengal
26 Molecular Bio. & Biotech. Certificate Course Certificate on Dry Flower Processing and Floral Crafts
27 Zoology Certificate Course From Animal Cell Culture to Studying Gene Expression
29 Bio-Chemistry and Bio-Physics Certificate Course Biomedical Sciences
30 Ecological Studies Training Programme Water treatment, Disinfection and Sanitizer Preparation
  •  Projects targeted to develop Entrepreneurship – 30 Nos.

Sl. No. Purpose of the Proposal Department Title of the proposal
1 Entrepreneurship Chemistry Chemical Entrepreneurship
2 Entrepreneurship Chemistry Chemical Entrepreneurship : Manufacturing of Packaged / Bottled Drinking Water
3 Entrepreneurship Zoology From laboratory to Field; selection, designing and formulation of green pesticide
4 Entrepreneurship Botany Bioprospecting of selected medicinal pteridophytes of West Bengal and their sustainable production
5 Theoretical Basic Science Project Physics Numerical investigations on the basic interactions present in high-Tc superconductors and are relevant to its exotic properties.
6 Workshop BCBP Instrumentation: Advanced Imaging & Sequencing Technologies
7 Workshop Geography Introduction of Geospatial Technology and mapping using Q-GIS Software
8 Entrepreneurship Geography Integrated farming system in Patharpratima and Gosaba Community Development blocks in Indian Sundarban Delta : Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities
9 Entrepreneurship Geography Understanding the problems of homstay tourism in the Mousuni Island of Sundarbans and entrepreneurship development
10 Research Project Microbiology “Investigation of the antimicrobial activity of  Nimbin from Azadirachta indica in combination with commercial antibiotics against Staphylococcus aureus ”.
11 Entrepreneurship Chemistry Design and preparation of Novel Vesicular System, Drug Loading and Controlled Release for Biomedical Applications.
12 Entrepreneurship Chemistry “Synthesis of biologically important (Hetero)arene derivatives as useful pharmaceutical agents”
13 Ten days Certificate Course Zoology Hands on Training on Fish Feed Formulation Technology
14 Research Proposal Zoology Ornamental Fish Breeding and Rearing
Sl. No. Purpose of the Proposal Department Title of the proposal
15 Entrepreneurship Skill Development Physics Ceramic Magnet Production : From Hands on Training to scalable start-up promotion
16 Research Proposal Mathematics On some Development in the area of Comparative Growth Analysis of Entire and Meromorphic Functions
17 Entrepreneurship Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Development of Banana Tissue Culture Technology for Dissemination among the Entrepreneurs
18 Research Proposal Biochemistry & Biophysics Nanonization of ayurvedic phytochemicals to develop potential drugs against bacteril and neurological diseases
19 Project Proposal Microbiology Nano encapsulation of potential microbial strains as seed protectants and stimulants for sustainable agriculture through entrepreneurship development
20 Project Proposal Physics *Entrepreneurship Skill Development on Energy Storage device production: From Hands-on Training to Scalable Start-up Promotion
21 Entrepreneurship Folklore Rural craft entrepreneurship and developing folklore craft hubs: a study on folk craft in West Bengal
22 Entrepreneurship Folklore Traditional cultivation of Moringa leaf for indigenous food supplement, medicine and entrepreneurship development
23 Research project Education Education for girl child laborers in south 24 -Parganas district, West Bengal
24 Research Project Education Can public awareness stop the disaster? – A study of people awareness in arsenic contaminated area.
25 Research Project Commerce Socio-Cultural impact on the performance of  Marginalised Entrepreneurs – A Study of West Bengal
26 Entrepreneurship Physical Education Assessment and Development of Skill for the Physical Education Students on Fitness Management
27 Certificate Course Education Multidisciplinary approach in desining Tools for Survey
28 Project Folklore Employability of the Workers of Traditional Date Palm Jaggery: An Explanatory Study of the Siuli Community of Nadia District, West Bengal
29 Research Proposal Philosophy A Brief Study on Neutrosophic Logic
30 Indevidual Project Bengali Drama