The Internet Centre was established in the year of 13th June 2002 with monetary help from the MPLAD ( Member of Parliament Local Area Development) fund of the Hon'ble Rajya Sabha Member Professor Bharati Roy, the noted Academician. The Centre was inaugurated by Professor Roy on June 13, 2002. The Executive Council in its 8th meeting of the 6th Executive Council held on 22nd March 2007 approved of the renaming of the "Internet Centre" as "Centre for Information Resource Management (CIRM)". The newly CIRM was Inaugurated by Professor Debesh Das, Minister-in-Charge, Department of Information Technology, West Bengal on December 03,2007. Centre for Information Resource Management (CIRM) caters to the ICT requirements of the University. Since its inception, the Centre has evolved from a small computing facility to a critical central facility of the University. The Centre actively supports the University in leveraging ICT for modernization of education, research environment and transparent governance. CIRM shifted to the new E-Technology building in December,2015, which was inaugurated by His Excellency Sri Ksesharinath Tripathi, Governor of West Bengal. Today, the Centre offers its services to the faculty members, research scholars, students staff of the university through a campus area network of more than 800 terminals.
The Centre for Information Resource Management(CIRM) has implemented a campus Local Area Network (LAN) with optical fiber GB backbone connecting the academic as well as administrative departments spread over the entire university campus. The CIRM is also providing the Internet facility on round the clock basis to all users in the university including teaching, administrative staff, research scholars and students. Internet connectivity is provided throughout the campus with 1GBPS OFC Link (through NMEICT project under MHRD). Campus LAN has also been set up to spread the LAN connectivity to the Research scholars Hostels.

  At present, CIRM maintains the web server, mail server, DHCP server, proxy server and anti-virus server of the University. Besides these servers, this centre has a number of high performance computing facilities, state-of-the-art servers and Windows laboratories and different advanced application software. Users can use the computing resources of the university from their departments. Labs and Research Scholar hostels are also provided computing facilities through the wired Gigabit LAN connectivity. Additionally University digital EPABX system is also monitored by the CIRM. The technical team of CIRM also extends its help to students and other users for immediate troubleshooting of network connectivity issues of their Personal Computers and peripherals.



i) Providing Central Computing facility and internet (24X7) to all users of our university

ii) University website design,development and maintenance time to time.

iii) Management of university campus LAN with Internet and intranet facility.

iv) Assist the Administration in the process of selection and procurement of computing devices.

v) Organizing training programmes for the faculty members and in-house staff of the university from time-to-time

vi) It also maintains the Web Server, Mail Server, Proxy Server, DHCP Server, Anti-virus Server

vii) Maintain Prowess Server of the University.

viii) Organizing lab sessions for regular courses and workshops for the user departments.

ix) It also maintains the EPABX intercom facility of the university.

x) Troubleshooting support in resolving network related problems at end user side.

xi) Providing E-Notice services to help in reducing paper work, time taken for movement of papers in official work and better utilization of human resources.

xii) Online access to e-journals and database via the public gateway of the university hence users are free to access the e-resources on any PC in campus.

xiii) Providing E-Resources beyond the campus

xiv) Providing mail accounts with Kalyani University’s domain name ( to faculty members, administrative staff and Research scholars.

xv) Printing and scanning facility is also available for students and faculty members through high-speed printers and scanner.

xvi) Anti-virus and End Point Security (EPS) is provided at the server and the gateway level for email and web services. Moreover, all computers in the university that have been provided with connectivity are to have an anti-virus product installed on them with virus subscription updates.

xvii) Installation of WiFi network in university campus to offer high-speed 24×7 Internet access.

xviii) Centre also inspects the unethical use of computing facilities.

xix) To train end-users on computer literacy and offer end-user computing support.

xx) Extends ICT Supports e.g. Multimedia projector etc. to seminar, symposia hosted by University time to time

xxi) Advising the University authorities on all ICT matters.

xxii) Planning, implementation and development of ICT infrastructure.

xxiii) To identify, acquire and install relevant ICT resources and implement the technology transfer University-wide

xxiv) Provision of quality ICT services to the Kalyani University.

xxv) To offer technical advice and consultancy on acquisition of ICT resources.



 ICT Milestones in University





Establishment of Internet Centre


256-KBPS Leased Line Internet Connectivity  through VECC from ERNET


New University Website Launch (www,


Establishment of Campus Area Network


Establishment of Lab in Internet Centre


Round the Clock Internet Facility Started


2 MBPS Leased Line 1:1 Mode Internet Connectivity from BSNL


CIRM shifted to Central Library Building


The Executive Council in its 8th meeting of the 6th Executive Council held on 22nd March 2007 approved of the renaming of the "Internet Centre" as "Centre for Information Resource Management (CIRM)"


256 KBPS Leased Line  from ERNET upgraded to 2MBPS


Up gradation of  University Website


New EPABX system installed


2 MBPS Leased Line 1:1 Mode Internet Connectivity from BSNL upgraded to 4 MBPS


University Grants Commission (UGC) sanctioned Rs 40 Lakhs for upgradation of  Centre


University gets connected to National Knowledge Network  through 1-GBPS Link


New Blade Server became operational


Project to  extend the network  further got  started


Installation of OFC connection in Research Scholar Hostels (Ladies and Boys' both)


WiFi installation in Administrative Building and CIRM


Setup a Server for internal E-Notice


Set up a Server for E-Ciculation of Notice


Interactive results display from our Blade Server


ICT based Training/Workshop/Seminar started


Uploading of Distinguished Lectures in Youtube


Installation of CCTV in Administrative Building


DHCP Server Upgraded to Windows 2012


Data uploaded in AISHE as nodal Centre


New CMS based website launch


WiFi installion in PG hostels( Ladies/Boys)


Data submission in NIRF Portal as Nodal Centre


Establishment of E-Classroom in CIRM


Online Fees Payment Gateway started


UGC  sanctioned Rs 11 Lakhs for WiFi connectivity under Central Sponsored Plan Scheme of NMEICT


CIRM Shifted to E-Technology Building


Establishment of Point-to-point Link to Second university Campus


Setting Up Campuswide WiFi Network


Set up of Virtual Classrooms


Design and Development of Institutional Repository through DSpace


Installation of IP based CCTV in Central Library


Accessing  university e-Resources beyond the Campus


Design and Development of University Apps and Uploaded in Google Play Store


Installation of OFC Connectivity in newly establish buildings, Auditorium

Digital EPABX System:

It is a university switching stationfor management of campus area telephone network. Digital EPABX System Cabinet wired for 500 ports

  • 08 Digital Extension ports
  • 176 Analogue extension ports
  • 16 Analogue Co/Trunk Ports
  • 01 Operator Console
  • MDF with IPM protection in all lines
  • Compatible for ISDN


An IT Helpdesk has been setup at the Centre for Information Resource Management to address all IT/EPABX-related problems in the University.

 CIRM Solves the following IT/EPABX-related problems:

ü  Maintenance of Computer, Printers, UPS and other peripherals

ü  Installation of Operating Systems,  Antivirus Software 

ü  Various Software Installation at various Administrative departments

ü  Network and Internet connectivity related problems

ü  New Intercom connectivity from our university EPABX.

ü  PSTN Telephone problem.

The users may lodge their complaints  at the following email/telephone numbers:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone Number: 033-25808694,

EPABX Intercom No: 223

Staff :

System-in-Charge --- Dr. Ujjal Marjit. MCA, Ph.D

Programmer -----------Mr. Dipansu Mondal.

System Administrator--Mr. Paranjay Haldar ( On Contract )


Junior Assistant---------Mr. Amit Kumar Saha.

Technical Assistant----

Telephone Operator---Mr. Sankar Bhattacharya

Telephone Operator---Mr. Pravat Halder

Fault-Control Assistant- Mr. Gurupada Sarkar ( On Contract )

Office Attendent--------Smt.Chandana Bala

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