Public Relation Cell

Public Relation Cell

The University of Kalyani has developed a Public Relations Cell (PR Cell) that functions as a connection between the institution and the outside world. PR Cell also attempts to increase the value of the institution by engaging with media outlets, promoting it on social media, and assisting candidates in making informed decisions on admissions and other relevant factors.

The primary purpose of this PR Cell is to establish a strong interaction between the institution and its different operations and programmes and all of its stakeholders, as well as to disseminate information to the media/public as needed. The PR Cell is committed to informing the public about the quality and diversity of the institution’s learning environment, the level of education, and the dedication to finding practical answers to the difficulties students face today.

PR cell at the University of Kalyani has the following functions and responsibilities:

  • Communication with various Government and other institutions;
  • Approaching prospective sponsors;
  • Information sent to the press and media regarding activities to be conducted and events conducted;
  • Preparation of information for use in news coverage;
  • A compilation of news coverage and video clippings;
  • Identification of distinguished people scheduled to visit the campus;
  • Recognition of student volunteers for college event coordination and extension; programming;
  • The strategic construction of designing for diverse events;
  • Anticipation of invited guests;
  • Promote networking programmes by organizing, seminars, conclaves, workshops, symposiums, and other interactive events of a similar nature;
  • Enabling new students with concerns they have about the institution before to and after admissions.


Committee for Public Relation Cell (PR Cell)

SL. No. Name Department/Centre Designation
01. Professor (Dr.) Sujay Kr. Mandal Folklore Chairperson/ Director
02. Professor (Dr.) Sukhen Biswas Bengali Member
03. Dr. Santinath Sarkar Education Member
04. Dr. Debalina Debnath Folklore Member
05. Dr. Santanu Mandal Bengali Member
06. Shri Avishek Acharya B.Voc. in Mass Communication & Journalism Member
07. Dr. Rana Ghosh Dean, Students’ Welfare Convenor/Secretary



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