Title Organized By Duration Status Download File
NSS Webinar : Golden Jubilee Year Celebration NSS, University of Kalyani September 24,2020 Expired Download
Webinar Series II – Day 3 On “Entrepreneurial Journey” Entrepreneurship & Career Hub September 19,2020 Expired Download
Webinar Series II – Day 2 On “Entrepreneurial Journey” Entrepreneurship & Career Hub September 10,2020 Expired Download
Webinar Series II – Day 1 : Enterpreneurship – A Recipe For Success Entrepreneurship & Career Hub September 04,2020 Expired Download
2 Days International Virtual Workshop on “Confocal Microscopy and Image Processing” DST PURSE II,K.U. In association with Carl Zeiss, India September 17-18, 2020. Expired Download
National Webinar : Department of Bengali Department of Bengali September 2,2020 Expired Download
Webinar on Social Vaccine NSS University of Kalyani August 22,2020 Expired Download
A Webinar Series for the Month of August 2020 on “Entrepreneurship beyond COVID-19 Pandemic” Entrepreneurship & Career Hub August 12,14,21,28 Expired Download
Webinar on Poat-graduate studies in the U.S.- All You Need to Know Education USA & KU Research Wing August 19, 2020 Expired Download
One Day International Webinar on “Global Multiculturalism” Centre for Studies on Bengali Diaspora August 10,2020 Expired Download
3 Days International Virtual Workshop on “COVID 19: RT-PCR Diagnostics and Therapeutics” DST PURSE II University of Kalyani in Association with COVID-19 Testing Laboratory,CoM-JNM,Kalyani August 5-7,2020 Expired Download
National Webinar on Valuation Profession in Post Covid Era-Issues & Challenges Department of Business Administration in Association with Institution of Estate Managers & Appraisers (I.Esma) August 01,2020 Expired Download
International webinar on Food & Nutrition Vs COVID-19 Department of Food and Nutrition July 24,2020 11:00 am- 2:00 pm Expired Download
International webinar on topic” Yoga as a means of healthier lifestyle during Corona Virus pandemic” Department of Physical Education July 22,2020 Expired Download
WEBINAR on CARE to BIODIVERSITY ENVIS RP on Environmental Biotechnology, University of Kalyani, West Bengal, India, Sponsored by: MoEF & CC, Govt. of India. 5th June, 2020 Time: 11.30 A.M - 1.00 P.M
Expired Download
National Seminar to celebrate The World Philosophy Day Department of Philosophy, University of Kalyani Sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research March 30-31, 2020 Expired Download
International Seminar on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: Then and Now Department of Political Science March 24-25,2020 Expired Download
Two-Day Awareness Workshop on IPR & Related Issues IQAR; Research Wing and Enterpreneurship & Career Hub March 03-04,2020 Expired Download
National Conference on Recent Advances in Biological Research and Environmental Sustainability (RABRES 2020) Department of Zoology University of Kalyani March 20-21,2020 Expired Download
Two Days National Seminar on Libraries in Next Era Department of Library and Information Science in collaboration with KULISAA, University of Kalyani February 08-09,2020 Expired Download